We live in a financial world,
which is an economy. If you do not understand
how money works, you will face problems.

Facts about money today:

– You should invest at least the 40% of your income every year.
– You should make sure that 100% of your income is taxable otherwise it does not work for you. (money hidden in your house, simply does not work plus it loses its value every year – you can add to it, but you can’t multiply it).
– You should use your earned income to create new income flows or passive income

– You should know how to leverage your money.
– You should know that your money must earn at least 3% per year to maintain the same value of it. (your bank gives you only 0.001%)
– You should know how to choose vehicles to increase your income.
– You should know how to bring and not create new income.

– You should lease what you use and you should buy only what you can lease to others to use.

– Buying real estate cash, it is an indicator that you shouldn’t invest money in it first, you should invest in yourself first.
– You should know what “appreciation”, “depreciation”, “re-finance”, “write-off” is, otherwise you will keep complaining about the taxes, despite where you live on this planet.

If all the above facts sound strange to you or they do not make sense, that is an indicator that you lack financial education. No matter which country you live in this world, you will complain that prices are too high, that taxes are too high, that there are no opportunities and many other things.

How can we support you?

The first investment, the most important and the only one that you can’t lose, is the investment in yourself.

Make sure you understand how the financial world works, by the time you decide to live on the planet earth. Using simple words and simple methods, we guarantee that you will change the way you understand money and finances. This is your step 1 for everything you want to do in your business life.


Topics we can support you with

  • Understand finances
  • Evaluate investment opportunities
  • Evaluate real estate projects
  • Develop a business plan for an investment – bank loan application
  • Create new income by using all available tools in every country as per the laws
  • Understand how your money lose value every day and how you can change it
  • Put your money to work for you
  • Save money by creating reverse income
  • Leverage your money, using debt to create more revenue
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